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The F-Factor Diet: Discover the Secret to Permanent Weight Loss


To help her busy clients ditch the fad diets celebrity dietitian Tanya Zuckerbrot spent more than a decade designing a healthful, delicious, sustainable diet that sheds pounds, boosts energy, lowers cholesterol, and reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes.


The F-Factor Diet presents a fresh take on eating high-fiber carbs, and reveals the secrets to satisfying meals and lasting weight loss, including:

  • A simple three-stage program
  • A wide array of food choices
  • More than 75 delicious recipes–from appetizers through desserts–and a complete set of guidelines for those who don’t want to cook
  • Journal pages and helpful hints to keep dieters on track



Tanya Zuckerbrot has created a program that is as easy as any of the current, trendy diets, with two major differences: it’s nutritionally sound, and it earns the approval of experts and dieters alike.” – Charles Stuart Platkin, J.D., MPH, a.k.a. “The Diet Detective”

Bravo for the F-Factor diet. It is not a weight-loss diet but a lifestyle approach to eating healthy, satisfying, and delicious foods to create well-balanced meals and snacks that come together to comprise a healthy diet.” – Lisa Sasson, M.S, R.D., Clinical Associate Professor, new York University Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health

A clear, easy to follow, and very informative book. Unlike other diets, the F-Factor diet promotes a healthful eating habit.” – Darlene Boytell-Perez, ARNP, gastroenterology nurse practitioner



The Miracle Carb Diet: Make Calories & Fat Disappear – with Fiber!


Celebrated nutritionist Tanya Zuckerbrot knows that when it comes to losing weight, addition is better than subtraction. Her secret? Add the Miracle Carb – dietary fiber – to your diet so you don’t need to subtract delicious, satisfying foods. 

Tanya introduced the world to fiber with the F-Factor Diet, and thousands of people have lost countless pounds, improved chronic conditions like diabetes, and gained more energy and vigor for living. And they did it all without sacrificing their lifestyles or the foods and drinks they love.

With The Miracle Carb Diet, Tanya is making it easy to jump right into living life the F-Factor way. This not just an eating plan; it is a simple and effective action plan for achieving your best self without disrupting your best life.

You’ll discover:

  • The four easy stages of the Miracle Carb Diet-you could lose up to 12 pounds in the first month!
  • Suggested fiber-rich foods and menu plans ideal for each stage, plus recommendations for eating out and enjoying cocktails from day one.
  • More than 100 original recipes and shopping lists and templates for journaling for better results.
  • Tanya’s inspiring anecdotes, case studies, and tool kits for defense against specific food cravings and obstacles, plus super sidebars, tips, tricks, and more to help motivate and inform.


In a world of punitive diets and unhappy dieters, Tanya Zuckerbrot makes eating healthy fun. The Miracle Carb Diet helps you keep the pounds off but the pleasure on.”- Marc Siegel, MS, Fox News Medical Correspondent

I really do not think of the Miracle Carb Diet as a diet, but rather a healthy lifestyle.” – David Hoffman, MD

Tanya’s years of nutritional expertise may provide you with new hope.” – Jennifer L. Taitz, Psy.D, author of End Emotional Eating


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