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1 whole egg is only 80 calories with 7g protein—And one egg white is 17 calories with 4g protein! Whether you want to lose weight or get healthier, eggs are a true superfood. That’s why we LOVE our Rapid Egg Cooker by Dash .

This machine of the future makes soft, medium, and hard bolied eggs in 12 minutes or less! The boiling tray tray holds up to 7 eggs and this thing can poach up to 3 eggs with separate poaching tray. A bell sounds when cooking is complete and you are ready to eat! Get the wholesome, lean protein of eggs – without the hassle. The incredible Dash Rapid Egg Cooker will change the way that you cook eggs. From boiled to poached, this compact countertop cooker does it all!

Comes with: on/off button, poaching tray, hard boiled tray for 7 eggs plastic base, BPA Free plastic egg holders for hard boiled, non-stick tray for poached eggs, measuring cup, stainless steel lid.
Get yours today by clicking here!

It’s egg-cellent!

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